A trip to remember for a lifetime.

If you love nature, spirituality & wind sports, become part of our community!
Here at Chilochill we think of our guests as new members of the family and as family your happiness is the most important thing to us.


Relaxation and excitement.

The perfect vacation

The views and experiences feel out of this world.
How often do you get to swim with whales, lurk the winds & have freshly catched seafood for a romantic dinner at your own private beach?
Have you ever seen the sunrise where the desert and the beach meet? Well, you’re in for a treat with one of the most spectacular views in the world.
Transcend the mortal plane and enter the spiritual one in one of the most unique setting of the world, the Golden Hour.
We offer you a unique opportunity to let go of your mundane routine and become one with the universe in your private glamping at the beach.

Happy moments


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