Our Story

The story of CHILOCHILL is a narrative woven with threads of passion for nature, kitesurfing, and the simplicity of outdoor living. We were born in March 2017 in La Ventana, BCS, but our roots trace back to 2012 when our founder created Beach Club Maviri in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. This club, built with recycled pallets, not only offered kitesurfing lessons and food and beverage services but also became a meeting point for music and wind, giving life to the “Wind and Music Fest”.

In 2016, following the call of the winds and waves, our founder and co-founders moved to La Ventana, one of the world’s most coveted destinations for kitesurfing. With just a rented house renovated for Airbnb, they began infusing their personal touch and offering kite lessons, keeping the spirit of Beach Club Maviri alive. It was during a conversation among friends and family that the name “CHILOCHILL” emerged, a perfect blend of “chilo” (cool) and “chill” (relaxed).

Back then, in La Ventana, all businesses closed in March when the kite season ended, which was exactly when we decided to open. Most people thought we were crazy because the entire town shut its doors as 99% of visitors, mainly foreigners, returned home after the wind season. However, we chose to cater to both national and international visitors and introduced a new focus on the summer season. We brought in sun and beach tourism along with activities like fishing, snorkeling, and tours, or simply enjoying our crystal-clear waters and the innovative concept of accommodation: glamping. We were the first and only glamping site in Baja California Sur at that time. Our success was immediate and exceeded all expectations, leading us to be featured in prestigious international media such as El Financiero and Forbes, and to participate in the Shark Tank program.

The magic of CHILOCHILL was solidified when a friend offered us the land where we are now located. Feeling the energy and beauty of the place, everything clicked. Inspired by Richard Branson’s book “The Virgin Way,” which mentions his glamping on Necker Island, our vision was born to merge the spirit of Beach Club Maviri with the innovative concept of glamping. Thus, CHILOCHILL emerged as we know it today.

From the beginning, we were acutely aware that we weren’t selling hotel nights but experiences. This has been our guiding principle over the years. Our greatest motivation and driving force is seeing how people disconnect from their daily lives to reconnect with themselves and nature. Through these experiences, the people who arrive and leave are different. We feel that by transforming the lives of those who visit us, we contribute our bit towards a better humanity. We have witnessed how many people fall in love with nature and a simpler lifestyle when they visit CHILOCHILL and discover La Ventana, Baja California Sur.


Our Values
– Passion: Every breeze and every wave fuels our dedication to kitesurfing and the beach lifestyle.
– Sustainability: We firmly believe in leaving the places we touch better than we found them, which is why we have chosen not to build permanent infrastructure, minimizing our environmental impact.
– Innovation: We strive to create unique experiences that inspire and surprise our visitors.
– Community: We foster lasting relationships with our customers and collaborators, creating a true CHILOCHILL family.

Our Team
Behind CHILOCHILL is a passionate and dedicated team guided by our founder and co-founders. Together, we share a deep love for kitesurfing and the beach lifestyle, working tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled experience.

What We Offer
At CHILOCHILL, you will find kitesurfing classes and unique accommodation in La Ventana. Our space is designed to provide an experience that combines sport, nature, and comfort in perfect harmony.

Social and Environmental Impact
We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and improving the environment. Not only do we pledge to preserve the natural beauty of La Ventana, but we also adopt responsible practices that minimize our environmental footprint, choosing not to construct permanent infrastructure.

Join Us
We invite you to become part of the CHILOCHILL family. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter for news and exclusive offers, and visit our location to live a unique experience.