We believe that no dish can be better than its ingredients, and that the best ingredients are often local. Just as good cooking starts with good ingredients, the best ingredients start with great farmers.


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Lunch & Dinner
Chilo Tops
Drinks without alcohol

Bom día Bowl $140.00
Yogurt base with seasonal fruit on top (red and
green apple, kiwi, banana, papaya, melon, pear),
also granola and dried fruit.
Chilaquiles $210.00
sencillo $150 Huevo $160 Pollo $180 Marlin $210
Tortilla chips, mozzarella cheese and green or red
sauce as you choose, with cream, slices of onion
and beans.
Poche Avocado $200.00
Two pieces of toasted sourdough bread, with a bed
of avocado and spanish ham, , two poche eggs on
top and hollandaise sauce on them.
Bestial Sandwich $210.00
Three pieces of multigrain bread, gouda and
provolone cheese, bacon, chicken breast,
pepperoni, lettuce, tomato slices, onion, avocado
and cucumber.
Popeye Omelette $190.00
Spinach omelette with goat cheese and dried
tomato, accompanied by a piece of toasted
multigrain bread, butter and honey.
French Toast $160.00
Brioche bread sweetened with cinnamon and
sugar, accompanied with seasonal fruit, strawberry
marmalade and butter.
Healthy Pancakes $160.00
Three pieces of oatmeal and banana pancakes,
accompanied by cranberry and honey.
Hotcakes $150.00
The classic hotcakes (3 pieces) accompanied by
seasonal fruit, strawberry marmalade and honey.
Nutella and Banana Hotcakes $150.00
The classic hotcakes (3 pieces) accompanied by
nutella and banana.


Chilonachos $220.00
Tortilla chips dipped in beans, mozzarella cheese,
pico de gallo and guacamole, with cream on top.
Single $170.00 Chicken $190.00 Marlin $220.00
Guacamole $160.00
Smashed avocado mixed with Mexican sauce,
accompanied by tortilla chips.
Pate de Marlin $180.00
Smoked marlin DIP, the perfect snack.
Crudites $140.00
Cucumber, jicama and carrot, served with chili and
lemon or blue cheese.
Parmesan Fries $160.00
French fries $160.00
Chicken Fingers
(Breaded or Grilled)
Ceviche Baja
Fish ceviche with Mexican sauce, lemon, avocado,
cucumber, crackers, chips and the house sauce
(you can try it with clamato too).
Baja $200.00 Chill $220.00 Baja Chill $240

Lunch & Dinner

Hamburger $260.00
Hamburger bread, meat mixed with bacon and
pepperoni, gouda cheese, lettuce, pickles,
avocado, onion, tomato. Accompanied by sweet
potato chips.
Tropical Burger $270.00
Hamburger bread, with shrimp wrapped in bacon, a
slice of pineapple grilled and green bell pepper,
gouda cheese, lettuce, pickles, avocado, onion,
tomato. Accompanied by potato wedges.
Mar y tierra Burger $300.00
Our combination of our classic meat and shrimp
burguer, with hamburger bread, gouda cheese,
lettuce, pickles, avocado, onion, tomato.
Accompanied by potato wedges.
Battered Tacos Baja
Order of three tacos (in a flour or corn tortilla),
accompanied with Mexican sauce, lemon and
Fish $180.00 Shrimp $200.00
Shrimp Gobernador Tacos $240.00
Order of three tacos (in flour or corn tortilla) with
chipotle dressing and grilled mozzarella cheese,
accompanied by cucumber, lemon and guacamole.
Marlin Quesadillas $230.00
Order of three quesadillas (in a flour or corn
tortilla) with smoked marlin inside, accompanied by
rice and green salad.
Caramelized salad $160.00
a perfect combination of lettuce, tomato, white onion, red apple, green, accompanied by goat cheese, with a special sweet dressing.
Argentina Salad $140.00
Lettuce, tomato, avocado, green olives and goat
cheese with oregano.

Chilo Tops

Shashimi toast and octopus $290.00
Corn base with a bed of cucumber, cubes of fresh tuna, creamy avocado and pieces of octopus
Garlic octopus toast $280.00
Corn base with garlic octopus stew and mozzarella cheese, creamy avocado and dressing.
Shashimi $290.00
thin slices of fresh fish, sea bass or suckling pig, cucumber, onion and special sauce prepared.
Tuna burger $300.00
Grilled tuna, tomato, onion, pickles, avocado, and house spinach dressing.
Veggie burger $295.00
Vegetarian chickpea and spinach burger, gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, avocado and house spinach dressing.
Seasonal Fish $240.00
Fish steak prepared as you like, accompanied with
rice and green salad.


Flan napolitano $100.00
Flan de coco $100.00
Seasonal dessert $125.00

Drinks without alcohol

In the mornings
Orange juice $80.00
Green juice $90.00
Orange juice with carrot $90.00
American coffee $40.00
Cold coffe $50.00
Expresso $60.00
Chocomilk $80.00
Chocomilk with banana $100.00
Smoothies $100.00
In the evenings
Natural lemonade $60.00
Mineral lemonade or whey $65.00
Natural orangeade $65.00
Mineral orangeade $70.00
Refresco $40.00
Water bottle $40.00
Coconut water $40.00
Clamato virgen $80.00
Piñada $100.00
Shirly Temple $80.00
Carajillo $80.00
Sangria $140.00
Mimosa $130.00


Chivas Regal$160.00

Margarita $150.00
Tequila Sunrise $140.00
Charro Negro $135.00
Paloma $135.00
Piña colada $140.00
Mojito $140.00
Cuba $130.00
Daiquiri $140.00
Bloody Mary $150.00
Cosmopolitan $140.00
Vodka Tonic $135.00
Desarmador $130.00
Jhonnie Walker Black Label $180.00
Buchanan’s 12 $180.00
Jack Daniels $160.00
Jhonnie Walker Red Label $140.00
Jack Daniel’s Honey $130.00
Jim Beam $140.00
Hendricks $200.00
Bombay Shapire $180.00
Tanqueray $160.00
Beefeather $160.00
Grey Goose $180.00
Absolut $150.00
Stolichnaya $140.00
Matusalen Clasico $140.00
Matusalen Platino $140.00
Captain Morgan $150.00
Malibu $140.00
Bacardi Añejo $140.00
Maestro Dobel Diamante $200.00
Don Julio 70 $200.00
Herradura Ultra $200.00
1800 Cristalino $180.00
Herradura Reposado/Añejo $180.00
Don Julio Blanco $190.00
Don Julio Reposado $160.00
1800 Blanco $170.00
1800 Añejo $170.00
7 Leguas $165.00
Hornitos $160.00
Tradicional $150.00
Mezcal de la Casa Premium $170.00
400 Conejos $170.00
Bruxo $180.00
Mezcal de la Casa $140.00
Licores Digestivos y Botellas
Copa de Vino Tinto $130.00
Copa de Vino Blanco $130.00
Copa de Vino Espumoso $130.00
Copa de Vino Rosado $130.00
Botella de Vino Tinto $600.00
Botella de Vino Blanco $600.00
Botella de Vino Espumoso $600.00
Botella de Vino Rosado $600.00
Licor 43 $160.00
Bailey’s $130.00
Calahua $130.00


Pacifico Clara $50.00
Pacifico Light $50.00
Pacifico Suave $50.00
Corona $50.00
Modelo Especial $50.00
Negra Modelo $70.00
Amstel Ultra $70.00
Stella Artois $70.00
Chocomilk with banana $100.00
Smoothies $100.00
Michelada con cerveza Clasica $80.00
Michelada con cerveza Premium $90.00
Cubana con cerveza Clasica $80.00
Cubana con cerveza Premium $90.00
Clamato con cerveza clasica $110.00
Clamato con cerveza Premium $120.00
Clamato Virgen $80.00