Discover the Natural Hot Springs of La Ventana

In the beautiful town of El Sargento, near La Ventana, there’s a hidden treasure waiting for you: natural hot springs right on the beach. These hot springs are known for their relaxing and healing properties, making them the perfect place to unwind.

A Beachside Hot Spring Adventure

Imagine a peaceful day on the beach, with waves gently crashing, and hot springs bubbling up from the sand. This is what you can experience in La Ventana. The hot water is perfect for a unique beach adventure.

Make Your Own Beach Hot Tub

Gather Supplies: Bring a tarp, shovels, buckets, and don’t forget some snacks and drinks.

Digging Holes: Dig a small hole to find the hot water. Then, dig a bigger hole next to it and line it with the tarp.

Filling the Tub: Fill your makeshift tub with the hot spring water. Add some sea water to cool it down to a comfortable temperature.

Keeping It Warm: To keep the water warm, add more hot water whenever it starts to cool down.

Enjoying the Evening

Soaking in a hot tub that you built yourself, especially as the sun sets and the stars come out, is an amazing experience. The warm water, the cool night air, and the nearby sea create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

A Refreshing Swim

When you need a break from the hot tub, the ocean is just steps away. Take a refreshing swim or go snorkeling. The contrast between the hot springs and the cool sea water feels great and makes the experience even better.

Health Benefits

These hot springs are not just relaxing—they’re also good for you. The mineral-rich water can help relieve muscle pain, improve blood flow, and make you feel better overall. Visiting these hot springs is a fun and healthy activity.

Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, the natural hot springs in El Sargento are a must-see. It’s an adventure that mixes the beauty of Baja California’s beaches with the soothing warmth of the hot springs. So, next time you’re in La Ventana, take some time to make your own beachside hot tub and enjoy this incredible natural wonder.