Privacy notice

This privacy notice is delivered in accordance with the provisions of articles 8, 15, 16, 36 and other related and applicable provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (“FLPPDHI”).


1.Identity and main address of the responsible party.

Chilo Chill, S.A. de C.V., its affiliates and subsidiaries, (indistinctly “ChiloChill”), with its main address at Carretera Corredor Isla Cerralvo km 10, colonia El Sargento, postal code 23232, is responsible for obtaining and processing your personal data obtained due to the accommodation relationship you have with us and may be assisted by one or more representatives to provide better treatment for your personal data.

2.Personal data.

For the purposes established in this Privacy Notice, ChiloChill will obtain from you the following personal data: name and last name, date of birth, gender, address, phones, email, social network address, list of interests and preferences on your social networks, age range, taxpayer registry number (TRN), marital status, occupation, nationality or citizenship, car license plate number; Facebook and Twitter address; main reason for your trip and number of trips per year; name and data of third parties; name of your company, position and contact data; credit or debit card data and payment method, billing data; information about your interests, preferences, opinions and hobbies; demographic data, including geolocation data of your device each time you use ChiloChill’s Wi-Fi network, your IP address and browser type when obtained through electronic means, data on the use and consumption of internet services from your device, as well as the use of third-party applications and services.

We inform you that ChiloChill does not obtain personal data that is considered by the LFPDPPP as sensitive personal data. We can obtain credit card data for the purpose of reservations and billing in case the reservation is not effective.

ChiloChill can obtain or may obtain personal data from you through the following means:

  • Personally when you provide it to one of our employees, filling out forms to accept our lodging contract and checking in with us, or at our reception. Also when you answer satisfaction and service opinion surveys, or when you subscribe to offers, promotions, and contests or loyalty programs.
  • Directly, when you provide it to us via telephone or through electronic means on our website, with the following purposes: identifying yourself, creating your personalized account as a user or entering it on our portal, filling out the reservation form, making pre-registration for your check-in prior to your arrival at the Hotel, or checking out of your reservation, if necessary, and staying at any of our hotels, interacting on our social networks or through cookies or web beacons, or by email. Also when you use the ChiloChill hotel’s wifi networks, when you answer satisfaction and opinion surveys electronically, or when you subscribe to offers and contests through our electronic means.
  • Indirectly, when you provide your personal data to one of our providers, such as travel agencies or third parties who provide us with databases that support us during the reservation and marketing processes.

A cookie is a data file stored on the hard drive of your computer or electronic communications device you use while browsing our websites, which allows information to be exchanged between our websites and your browser. The state information can reveal session identification, authentication, or user preferences, as well as any data stored by the browser regarding the internet site. Conversely, a web beacon is a visible or hidden image inserted within our website or email, which can be used to monitor your behavior on these media. Information such as the origin IP address, browser used, operating system, time of access to the page, and in the case of email, the data association can be obtained through these means. The data obtained through these means allows us to give you better service on our page. Most web browsers allow you to manage your cookie preferences. You can adjust your browser to reject cookies or remove certain cookies. You should also generally be able to manage similar technologies in the same way you manage cookies using your browser preferences. The following links show how to adjust the browser configuration for commonly used browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Consider that if you choose to block cookies, it may affect or prevent the operation of our page and service.

One of the third-party services we use to track activity related to the service, e.g., by putting cookies, is Google Analytics. If you do not want Google Analytics to obtain and use information, you can install an opt-out system in your web browser (


The obtaining and processing of the personal data indicated, is carried out with the necessary purposes:

  • To keep a record of guests to identify them as customers or users and provide them with the best possible service and attention, being able to record the session online usage time.
  • To accredit the identity of the guest and verify the accuracy of the information provided, being able to cancel their user account in case of finding anomalies or falsehood in the data provided.
  • To contact guests when necessary through various means of communication, such as telephone, chat, email, among others, to complete transactions, process reservations or pre-registrations before their arrival at the hotel, provide personalized services, grant promotions, benefits, or discounts, update our systems or databases, or in emergency cases.

To obtain billing data if required.

  • To achieve a direct physical reservation in our hotels or online in our app and/or website, according to their specifications and needs.
  • To obtain your credit card data, which will only be used as a guarantee of the reservation, issuing a charge only in case of not making the reservation effective.
  • To consult you about the quality of our service and understand the specific needs of each guest, to provide better service.
  • To comply with ChiloChill’s internal policies and processes, as well as with the mandatory legal and contractual provisions that have been agreed with you in virtue of the existing commercial relationship.
  • To attend to your complaints or claims requests and/or comply with the requirements of competent authorities.
  • To protect the interests and rights of ChiloChill, in accordance with the legal provisions.

Additionally, we have the following purposes:

  • Creating a personal profile on our app or on our website allows you to receive notifications for special offers, promotions, advertising information, sign up for our loyalty programs, receive electronic postcards, invitations to our events, and other additional services.
  • Enrolling you in contests, raffles, promotions, and draws, including digital ones, allowing us to tailor the promotions and notifications we send to you, as well as contact the winner.
  • To obtain online surveys and satisfaction and opinion questionnaires about the service or the website.
  • To send you personalized advertising and for marketing, statistical, and commercial prospecting purposes.
  • To anonymously share statistical information with our business partners to generate audiences to whom we can show advertisements on web search engines and digital advertising distribution networks.
  • You can modify the information for the purposes of the last section at any time to tailor the promotions and notifications sent according to your preferences by updating the security options on our website or updating your personal information in your profile. You can also request not to receive advertising through the link that appears on each advertisement you receive to be removed from the marketing and advertising mailing list. Additionally, you can contact our Personal Data Department and request that your data not be used for unnecessary purposes, according to the procedure in section 5 of this privacy notice.
  • We also inform you that you can register in the Public Consumer Register provided for in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, and in the Public User Register in accordance with the Law for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users, to not receive advertising. If you decide to register in these registers, we will respect your decision.

4.Consent to the processing of your personal data.

When you provide your personal data, if you disagree with ChiloChill treating any or some of the personal data listed, with the purposes described and do not object to the list of personal data requested or its use, you will be granting your implicit consent. If you do not agree with providing some of the data we request or some use, you must express your refusal prior to providing the data. You have the right to provide only the data you consider necessary for the listed objectives.

If you consent to the processing of the listed personal data for the purposes described in accordance with this notice, please accept this privacy notice and informed consent.

If in the future you wish to withdraw your authorization for the use of your personal and sensitive data as established in this Privacy Notice, we would appreciate you sending an email to the following address: accompanied by official identification, where you manifest your will, or by sending a properly signed letter by you, accompanied by a copy of your valid official identification with photograph, by postal mail to ChiloChill’s address.

5.Personal data transfers.

ChiloChill may transfer your personal data to third parties for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice. This includes:

  • Your personal data mentioned above may be communicated to competent authorities, in accordance with applicable legislation. These transfers may have a national or international character.
  • ChiloChill may transfer all or part of the mentioned personal data to support providers of the website, such as GoogleAnalytics, with the purpose of providing data such as your IP address, statistics service and analysis of information on the use of our website. These transfers may have a national or international character.
  • Similarly, it can send your personal data to marketing and advertising service providers for hosting information for email sending and advertising generation.

6.ARCO rights.

In accordance with the LFPDPPP, you have the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Objection to Treatment, also known as “ARCO rights”, which are briefly explained below:

  • Access: Right to access the personal data that we keep about you, as well as to obtain information about the conditions in which your data is treated.
  • Rectification: Right to rectify your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Cancellation: Right to request that we delete the personal data we have about you, when you consider that it is not being processed in accordance with the principles and duties established by the LFPDPPP and its Regulation.
  • Objection to treatment: Right to object to the processing of your personal data, when there is a legitimate cause or so that your data is not processed for specific purposes.

The LFPDPPP also grants you the right to revoke the consent previously granted for the processing of your personal data at any time.

To exercise your ARCO rights, to request or revoke your previously granted consent for processing, and in general, to raise any questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data or to find out if there are other options available (in addition to those established here) for you to limit the use or disclosure of your data, please contact our Personal Data Department (PDD).

Your deletion, revocation, and opposition to treatment requests will be evaluated in accordance with the terms established by the LFPDPPP and their eligibility or ineligibility will be resolved taking into consideration the principles of the LFPDPPP and other obligations applicable to ChiloChill (fiscal, commercial, consumer protection, public safety, health, etc.). In general, please consider that your requests may not be

eligible in those cases where the processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation imposed or acquired by ChiloChill.

In all such cases, a simple request must be sent as mentioned above. Our PDD will communicate (i) the information that will be requested for you to identify yourself and the documents that you will need to send along with your request; (ii) the deadlines for receiving a response to your request;

(iii) How to present your request, including the forms that you may use to submit your request, if any, and; (iv) the mode or means by which we will provide the information to you.

7.Personal Data Department (“PDD”).

Our PDD can be contacted through the following means: Chilo Chill, S.A. de C.V. Carretera Corredor Isla Cerralvo km 10 La Ventana, C.P. 23232, Baja, Email: In any case, please include your name and contact information.

8.Security of your Personal Data

ChiloChill has adopted and maintains the necessary information security measures, both physical, organizational, administrative, and technical, to prevent the loss, improper use, alteration or illegal disclosure of information and protect the personal data that we may receive from damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing. Third parties to whom we send your personal data will be subject to similar privacy policies as those established here.

ChiloChill uses the SSL security lock on its website to protect the information you have provided us, in this sense, the acceptance that you make of our privacy notice will be considered as express authorization on your part for the transfer of such information.

You can go to the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (“INAI”) if you consider that your right to protection of personal data has been violated.

ChiloChill informs you that if you do not accept our privacy notice, you will not be able to continue with the registration or reservation process in any of our channels.


9.Modifications to the Privacy Notice.

ChiloChill reserves the right to make any modifications or updates to this privacy notice at any time, for the purposes of reflecting the coming into force of new regulations or internal policies. These modifications will be available through the following means: visible announcements in our establishments, internet page, or by email. In case you do not agree with such modifications, you must send an email to the aforementioned email address, requesting the cancellation of your personal data, according to the LFPDPPP.

“We inform you that this page may use cookies and web beacons to obtain personal data. You can disable them as established in our Privacy Notice.”

Date of update to this privacy notice: October 2021